Simple Past of the verb kreischen (regelm)

The conjugation of kreischen in the past tense is ich kreischte, du kreischtest, er kreischte, wir kreischten, ihr kreischtet, sie kreischten. As a regular verb the unmodified stem kreisch- is used. The preterite endings -te, -test, -te, -ten, -tet, -ten are appended to this stem. The conjugation of these forms conforms to the grammatical rules for verbs in the past tense.

Simple Past of kreischen (regelm)

Conjugation of Active Simple Past Indicative of the verb kreischen (regelm)

Simple Past

ich kreischte
du kreischtest
er kreischte
wir kreischten
ihr kreischtet
sie kreischten

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Examples of Active Simple Past of the verb kreischen (regelm)
  • » In der Nacht kreischten die Möwen.¹ ...
  • » Tom kreischte wie eine Frau.¹ ...
  • » Alle kreischten herum.¹ ...

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Conjugation rules

Detailed rules for conjugation

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Translation ○ shriek, screech, scream, squeal

Verb forms in Simple Past of kreischen (regelm)

The verb kreischen (regelm) fully conjugated in all persons and numbers in the Simple Past Indicative

Simple Past Indicative Past indefinite

  • ich kreischte (1st Person Singular)
  • du kreischtest (2nd Person Singular)
  • er kreischte (3rd Person Singular)
  • wir kreischten (1st Person Plural)
  • ihr kreischtet (2nd Person Plural)
  • sie kreischten (3rd Person Plural)
¹ The samples are taken from Tatoeba. They are licensed under CC BY 2.0 ( and freely available. The authors of the sentences can be found by the link ... directly at the sentence or via the following URLs under (the order corresponds to the occurrence): /383224, /1600554, /4943312