Worksheets for the conjugation of German verbs

Work Sheets for the conjugation of German verbs are used in a targeted manner to learn the forms of the verbs in a challenging way. The teaching materials are selected by the teacher, tutor or lecturer for the respective subject. But also all learners of the German language can do their own tasks with the exercise Sheets. Depending on the type of task, the dialogue and direct communication with other learners is required. This joint learning of the German language is fun and has a positive effect on the success. The use is free (CC BY-SA 4.0.

e.g. (a: = ä, o: = ö, u: = ü, s: = ß) reden, kaufen, sein, müssen, essen, suchen

Free worksheets for German verbs

Worksheets and exercise

For the practical work and for the learning and teaching of the German conjugation comprehensive worksheets or exercise sheets are available for free download. All tasks and games are available as a PDF and can be easily printed. Some of the exercises and puzzles can also be used interactively in the browser.

The working materials include complete verb tables, word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, as well as other tasks, games and exercises. All worksheets can be downloaded and used for all German verbs and their conjugation. Some worksheets also allow the compilation of different verbs.

The use as Open Educational Resources (OER) is free under license CC BY-SA 4.0.

German verb tables, conjugation tables

Conjugation of German verbs

The individual verb forms are shown as a table. For a quick orientation, the table first shows an overview with all essential conjugation features of the verb: irregular or regular, possible auxiliary verbs and details of the separability. In addition, the principal parts are listed, in which you can recognizes all these features.

Example laufen: läuft, lief, ist gelaufen (laufen)

💡 For learners of the German language, it is extremely important to remember the principal parts of the verb as key point!

Subsequently, all finite forms of the verb are broken down into the indicative, subjunctive and imperative modes. Finally, the table shows all infinitives (infinitive I and II with and without zu) as well as the participle (participle I and participle II). The infinite verb forms are relevant for the creation of the composite tenses.

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e.g. (a: = ä, o: = ö, u: = ü, s: = ß) werden, sollen, etwas müssen, sich aalen, reden dürfen, abkaufen

Example sentences of German verbs and verb forms

German examples of conjugation

Language lives by its use. This also applies to the use of the individual verb forms or the categories thus expressed (e. g. Tempus). For the purpose of illustration, more than 500,000 sample sentences, mainly from 21st-century newspaper articles as well as from the project Tatoeba are listed.

These examples are shown in every verb table. A separate view is provided for a complete overview of all sentences per verb. A link leads to the original source. Thus the sentence can be researched in its contextual use.

To demonstrate the use of prepositions related to verbs, the used prepositions are listed separately in all views. The verb can then be formed in conjunction with these prepositions.

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e.g. (a: = ä, o: = ö, u: = ü, s: = ß) schimpfen, bekommen, erzählen, machen, fahren, schreiben


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